You are the MEDICINE.

Only  YOU can deliver YOUR message and the TRUTH that is inside of  YOU.


Imagine the feeling of being a powerful, COMPELLING and unforgettable presence who’s IT FACTOR has been unleashed from within.

Imagine the confidence in trusting your tap, dropping the script and serving it up like no one else.

How good would you feel walking off a stage with the embodied knowing that you changed someone’s life?

How good would it feel to not have to seek out external validation for your gifts and your offerings?

This “IT FACTOR” is also known as the mastery of storytelling and embodied wisdom.

To master storytelling in all mediums is to have great power and influence over the thoughts and emotions of your audience.

When your audience is emotionally engaged you will penetrate their spirit with your message creating a deep resonance to you, your brand and your EPIC FUCKING mission!

This not only will serve your desire to IMPACT people all over the world, but will also enroll individuals to invest in your journey – which creates a movement and tribe of your own!

Throughout this mentorship I will guide you into the practice of self trust and recognition of your own individual alignment in relationship to your channel. We’ll go deep into extracting your signature voice, message and brand through a series of chakral, emotional and physical blockages, in order to tap into the burning truth and wisdom within you.

There is an individual essence you carry that is waiting to be activated and accessed. From this space, you unleash the potential of your inner artist, along with your built-in-purpose and the biggest gift you have to offer this world.

In this mentorship, we start where you are, accepting all that is, so what we create becomes limitless.  We trust the process and go all in on developing the authentic expression of your most potent truth.

You will come away from this work being able to command every corner of a room energetically and emotionally. Your undeniable presence, confidence and grace, will be felt and fully received.

If you have a BURNING DESIRE to impact the world and are ready to BE ALL IN – BE HERE NOW and take the leap!

Your channel is ready to be opened and trusted.



Open your channel and trust your tap/higher creative guidance.

Speak vulnerably with confidence and fluidity.

Match vocal tonality and frequency to speech.

Master your internal and external self-talk, vibration and frequency.

Identify any blocks in your solar plexus/power centre that affect your confidence, speech and speaking or singing vocal range.

Create a culture and personal brand language that amplifies your message.

Practice tapping into and protecting your personal power.

Access your on demand goldmine, while speaking live, bringing the most relevant, authentic and powerful message and delivery to your stage performances. This also doubles in the creative process!

“My time working with Monique has been epic and transformational. She has guided me to understand what it means to be a true artist and a true creator. She has given me so many tools and empowered me to tap into my heart space and TRUST in myself and my artistic instincts. Monique is the perfect example of everything she teaches, which I think is so important. She does not just talk a bunch of words at you, she is the embodiment of everything she teaches. Monique continues to help me see my own worth and to trust myself and not doubt myself because she shows all of that in herself.

Monique knows her worth, she trusts herself and she has no doubt about where she is headed in her music career and that has rubbed off massively on me. Monique has allowed me to have my own journey and to learn my own lessons and she has never robbed me of that. She allowed me to move through things whatever that looked like for me and she did not interfere. She offered love, light and guidance in times when I needed it and I always felt held and seen by her.

I would work with her again and again and I feel so blessed to have formed this bond and sisterhood with her and I know that I have what it takes to rise up into my best possible self as my one true dream to be an artist thanks to her faith in me but more importantly, thanks to her faith in herself and for being the perfect example.”

~ Amy McFarland – Artist, Singer/Songwriter

“Mo dives in deep with her full heart, allowing her to truly empathize with what is going on for you. From this place, she provides such wisdom and understanding which opens up a realm for you to experience true growth. She is so dedicated and goes above and beyond to deliver so much value. She speaks straight from the heart, whether it is something comforting or something difficult but necessary for you to hear. Mo meets you where you are at, and then gives you that extra push to propel you so many steps forward. It is surprising & gratifying work that if you let it, will ultimately bring you greater peace, joy & understanding of yourself and others.”

~ Tazneem Tarmomahed – Singer/Songwriter

“The most incredible quality of Mo as a coach and as a friend is her intuitive depth. Mo has the capacity to hold and heal on levels of the unconscious in such a loving and transformative way. To have the opportunity to be supported and learn from a woman with such devotion to the work is truly a gift for anyone willing to dive deep and experience a love of life like no other.”

~ Katie Lynn Rojano, Psychotherapist and Confidence Coach


After my worldwide debut on Season 2 of the voice and many years in the pop music industry, I decided to shift my focus from the mainstream, to my own unique path of conscious music creation and healing arts.

At first unsupported by most, I knew I had to sacrifice the safety and security of the path most taken, to truly find fulfillment in my individual purpose and unique gifts. What this meant was a journey from the head to the heart, through uncertainty, discomfort and surrender, in order to serve a higher cause and fulfill my soul’s calling.

Now, as a pioneer and leader within the conscious music movement, I have earned international recognition for my soul penetrating and breakthrough songwriting abilities. Most recently I was featured as a finalist in the Global Talent Competition, MEGASTAR & honored as the first ever conscious, Pepsi Cola Spotlight Artist. I offer my gift of awakened healing through sound and storytelling to all, by inviting you to fully surrender to your own magic and ability to love and heal.

My mission on the planet is to bring relatability, authenticity and joyfulness to the world through music and storytelling. I consider myself an artist of the new world, now and a modern day “Hope Dealer”. I believe through HOPE, anything is possible and any circumstance can be overcome from this center of being.

In addition, to my own artistic offerings, I facilitate powerful workshops, coaching courses and 1-1 mentorships, supporting throat chakra & personal truth activation, artist development and masterful storytelling. I focus on the power of language, frequency and individualized, deliberate creation processes to awaken the soul artists from deep within.

For me success is more than recognition of my own talents, I want my legacy to reflect not only how many people I have touched with my own art, but how many leaders I have inspired to offer their own creations to the world.

I am creating a team of powerful leaders to help spread the vision and experience of hope in the world.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, LISTEN” 
~ Rumi ~