Discover your own individual expression

Reach new levels of your own personal truth

Own your voice

Access true confidence

Identify and solidify your brands voice

You are the MEDICINE.

Only YOU can deliver YOUR message and TRUTH that is inside of YOU.

You are here for a PURPOSE and it’s time to UNLEASH YOUR MAGIC!


This coaching is laser focused and is not for everybody and I am taking a very limited amount of 1-1 coaching clients per year, because my goal is not turnover, but to create masterful powerful speakers who make large IMPACT through the refinement of vulnerable storytelling and by being incredibly in touch with self.

This requires a certain level of commitment from you and I can only guide you to come back to your own individual alignment, truth and help to assist in unlocking your true potential. There is an individual essence within you that is waiting to be tapped into.

If you are READY to go ALL IN and you have a BURNING DESIRE to impact the world – BE HERE NOW and let’s get to work.

Where we begin effects where we end up and I will guide you to be able to speak and deliver your message from a place of pure authenticity, while commanding a room both energetically and emotionally, embodying your message and your truth with a level of confidence and grace that will be felt.


Open your channel and tap into your raw truth.

Speak vulnerably with confidence and fluidity.

Match vocal tonality and frequency to speech.

Master the delivery of confronting points for maximum resonance.

Master your internal and external self-talk, vibration and frequency.

Identify any blocks in your solar plexus/power centre that affect your confidence and speech.

Create a culture and personal brand language that amplifies your message.

Practice connecting to your root, solar plexus, throat and crown chakras on a daily basis.

Practice tapping into and protecting your personal power.

Build a relationship of trust with your inner voice, so you can experience on demand access to your intuitive goldmine while speaking live, to enhance vulnerability, authenticity and powerful connection with your audience.


After many years in the pop music industry, season 2 Voice alum and Artist activist, Monique Benabou decided to shift her focus to sing and serve a bigger cause with her music and ancient vocal wisdom technology.

As a pioneer and leader within the conscious music movement, She has gained international recognition for her breakthrough songwriting and soul shaking vocal performances. She was most recently recognized as a finalist in the Global Talent Competition, MEGASTAR. Over the last year Mo has taken to stages catering to the empowerment of her fellow sisters at events such as Danette May’s It’s Your Time To Shine & Lori Harder’s The Bliss Project. Monique offers her gift of awakening healing, within us all, by inviting us to fully surrender to our own magic and ability to love, heal and create as Divine expressions of the most high.

In addition to her musical gifts, Monique facilitates powerful workshops and coaching courses which support throat chakra & personal truth activation by focusing on language, frequency & deliberate creation processes.

“What leaves our lips is sacred, for our words create worlds”.